Why Sugarbox is better than the others

Experience and Expertise

Collectively our Waxers have over 85 years of experience, and dedication to our craft. Considering the majority of our requested service are Brazilians, that’s an incredible amount of waxing. In that time, we have also tried and experimented with many varieties of wax types, temperatures, and other hair removal forms. Our services are refined by an incredible amount of effort and investment to our trade to offer you the best of our skills.


Just because you see implements in liquid doesn’t mean they’re clean. The solution we use for our tweezers and trimming scissors is a high level disinfectant and chemosterilant. It rids all things sporicidal, tuberculocidal and fungicidal.

Single Dipping Every Time

Double dipping is one of the most disgusting waxing practices. Imagine, after a long day of dozens of clients, you happen to be the lucky recipient of the bottom of a wax pot. Skin cells, hair, bacteria, fungus, blood, mucous membranes, fecal matter and you came in for just an upper lip wax? Think about it. Say no to double dipping, no matter what type of waxing it may be.

Fresh Products

After a long day at work or rushing around town, we want you to feel your best and freshest. We have cleansing wipes, deodorant, yummy perfumes, and anti-bacterial foot sprays available to you in each treatment room and our bathroom facility for your comfort and convenience.

Clean Linens and Sterile Surfaces

You never know who’s touching what when we’re not in the room. Cross contamination isn’t sexy. We spray down every hard surface with a product designed to eliminate fungal, bacterial, viral and blood infections. Every stick that goes in that wax pot, cotton swab or strip that touches your body is disposed of between waxes so you can rest assured our waxing is super clean. If you’re feeling environmental and don’t need to be draped, place your towel to the side; otherwise everything is laundered. Every time.

Continuing Education and Research

We adore this industry, so collectively we are searching for new and interesting products and perpetually working on our skill sets. We do so on our travels around the world, or being in tune to upcoming trends. We’re dedicated to growing and refining so we can be the most outstanding waxing boutique for you and the leaders in our field.


We offer a wide range of waxing services and do so with conviction and unrivaled experience. Sugarbox believes in modesty, comfort and hygiene when it comes to Brazilian waxing. That means proper draping, comfortable temperatures, customizing final details and no double-dipping. We use only the best, low temperature, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, Zinc Oxide wax specially formulated for sensitive skin to leave you looking and feeling silky smooth.


Brow – $21

Duration: 15 min

Consultation and discussion about what will flatter and compliment your face in the most lovely way. Sometimes this may mean growing certain spots to frame and flatter you. There is lots of talking during this appointment, but we will leave you looking fabulous with eyebrows tailored for your own individual look.

Brow Tint – $18

Duration: 15 min

Add to  your Brow wax or alone for more presence to washed out or blonde eyebrows. Great idea for matching new or darker hair colors. Please note that we cannot lighten existing hair color, this is something best left to your hair stylist.

 Lash Tint- $25

Duration: 15 min

We use a vegetable based dye to darken and amplify your lashes, so you can say good-bye to your mascara and give you the appearance of darker, fuller lashes!

Half Arm – $30

Duration: 30 min

Upper or lower arm hair removal (to elbow) that leaves you soft and purrrfect.

Full Arm – $45

Duration: 45 min

Shoulder to wrist (fingers if needed) with our smooth, silky, heat controlled, gentle wax.

Half Leg – $30

Duration: 30 min

Knee to ankle or knee to bikini line with our Zinc Oxide wax to prevent inflammation and leave the skin silky smooth.

Full Leg – $65

Duration: 45 min

Bikini line to ankle bone. Prepare for ultimate satin-like, smooth, supple skin with our waxing specialists.

Glitter/Rhinestones – $20

Duration: 15 min

Add fun bling to your Brazil! It lasts approximately 3-10 days (depending on choice of product). Stencils or free hand designs with sparkly glitter and/or swarovski crystals.

Ingrown Removal – $20

Duration: 15 min

To be added on to your waxing service or on its own for more difficult bikini lines. Using a small lancet we go into the follicle and gently lift away stubborn hairs that refuse to come out with at home exfoliation.

Underarms – $18

Duration: 15 min

Daily shaver? Say no more! Nothing feels so fresh as getting those darn hairs straight from the root. Enjoy weeks of freedom and tank top joy.

Add-On – $10

Duration: 15 min

This service is for people who need a little extra TLC. You know we do our best in the allotted time, but if you need just a little more wax (can you get this spot here too?), this is for you. It’s priced less than it should be because it’s an extra, and we love you.

Waxing Packages

Book more services and save!

Full Legs + Brazilian Wax – $98

Brazilian Wax + Brows  – $69

Brazilian Wax + Underarms – $65

Gent’s Waxing

Male Half Back – $38

Duration: 30 min

This is a great option for those men who have patches or only shoulder or lower back hair to remove. Awesome for upkeep every season.

Male Full Back – $50

Duration: 30 min

From neck line to lower back, this includes the whole surface leaving you smooth for weeks. Make sure you ask about exfoliation and aftercare for the best results after your appointment.

Male Half Chest – $30

Duration: 30 min

Shoulders and upper chest are included with this service. Perfect for warm weather.

Male Full Chest – $50

Duration: 45 min

From neck to hip. Enjoy smooth bodied glory!

Male Stomach – $25

Duration: 15 min

Smooth and perfect. Say goodbye to strays or full tummies of unwanted hair. Your regrowth is slow and ideal.

Shoulders – $20

Duration: 15 min

For the guys who have a little tuft on their shoulder blades, and don’t need to commit to the half or full back. Keep in mind this is a short service for a couple small patches.

Ladies Waxing

First Time Brazil – $60

Your choice to take it all off, leave a strip or patch. An introductory service to the Sugarbox Brazilian. It involves a thorough consultation, and waxing tailored to your needs and desires. Extra time is booked for this service to accommodate any questions, nervousness and to get to know your hair growth. If 3 months has passed since your last wax with us, or your Aesthetician has informed you to stick to a specific schedule and you have gone beyond it we will require you to book this ‘first time’ wax so we can take our precious time with you.

Brazil Return – $52

Duration: 30 mins

Your choice to take it all off, leave a strip or patch. For returning clients whom are consistent with their waxing schedule every 4-5 weeks or those of you whom have been told by your Aesthetician to always book a Returning Brazil no matter the time between waxes.

French – $45

Duration: 30 min

A graduated Bikini wax for the more adventurous but without the commitment of a barely there Brazil. It is a great transition for those with low pain thresh holds that look forward to visiting Brazil in the future. Your choice to tidy the top or in behind.

Classic Bikini – $35

Duration: 15 min

Just a little off the sides and top if you please (what would sneak out of your bikini bottoms). Home care maintenance and hair growth is discussed in this treatment to better understand regular waxing.

Upper Lip – $12

Duration: 15 min

Lighten your face from minor shadows or pesky whiskers with the gentle experienced hands of the Sugarbox Girls, using our temperature controlled, anti-inflammatory, gentle, satin smooth wax.

Between the Cheeks – $20

Duration: 15 min

Some women don’t wish to do a full Brazilian but want to be waxed back there. This does not include your full Bum Cheeks, but around the anus and the crease between the cheeks. Don’t be shy…it’s what we do!

Female Bum Cheeks – $22

Duration: 15 min

Some of us just have a little extra growth (you’re not the only one). This can be added onto a Brazil, French or Bikini, so you don’t have an obvious line of where that wax stopped, or if you just want the soft, perfect feel of smooth cheeks.

Female Lower Back- $25

Duration: 30 min

This service is for ladies that may be bothered by a little extra fuzz. Normally this patch would be found at the small of your back which we can transform into smooth perfection by blending the edges so it matches and compliments your curves.

Female Full Back- $40

Duration: 30 min

Perfect for bikini season and showing off or cuddling in the winter months. This service is longer then the half option in case you need a little extra care to ensure consistency in blending all your edges. In doubt? ask us what service is best for you.

Chin – $12

Duration: 15 min

Not by the hairs of your chinny, chin chin! Sometimes these little hairs can be tricky to self tweeze. Let us take care of the softer and coarser hairs leaving you low maintenance and flawless.

Face – $40

Duration: 30 min

This service includes chin, upper lip, cheeks, forehead, and sideburns. Sadly, Brows aren’t included in this service as they take a whole grooming process of their own. This is a lovely alternative to booking each service separately.

Female Stomach – $25

Duration: 15 min

Smooth, lovely, perfect. Say goodbye to strays or full tummies of unwanted hair. Your regrowth is slow and ideal.