Why Sugarbox is better than the others

Experience and Expertise

Collectively our Waxers have over 85 years of experience, and dedication to our craft. Considering the majority of our requested service are Brazilians, that’s an incredible amount of waxing. In that time, we have also tried and experimented with many varieties of wax types, temperatures, and other hair removal forms. Our services are refined by an incredible amount of effort and investment to our trade to offer you the best of our skills.


Just because you see implements in liquid doesn’t mean they’re clean. The solution we use for our tweezers and trimming scissors is a high level disinfectant and chemosterilant. It rids all things sporicidal, tuberculocidal and fungicidal.

Single Dipping Every Time

Double dipping is one of the most disgusting waxing practices. Imagine, after a long day of dozens of clients, you happen to be the lucky recipient of the bottom of a wax pot. Skin cells, hair, bacteria, fungus, blood, mucous membranes, fecal matter and you came in for just an upper lip wax? Think about it. Say no to double dipping, no matter what type of waxing it may be.

Fresh Products

After a long day at work or rushing around town, we want you to feel your best and freshest. We have cleansing wipes, deodorant, yummy perfumes, and anti-bacterial foot sprays available to you in each treatment room and our bathroom facility for your comfort and convenience.

Clean Linens and Sterile Surfaces

You never know who’s touching what when we’re not in the room. Cross contamination isn’t sexy. We spray down every hard surface with a product designed to eliminate fungal, bacterial, viral and blood infections. Every stick that goes in that wax pot, cotton swab or strip that touches your body is disposed of between waxes so you can rest assured our waxing is super clean. If you’re feeling environmental and don’t need to be draped, place your towel to the side; otherwise everything is laundered. Every time.

Continuing Education and Research

We adore this industry, so collectively we are searching for new and interesting products and perpetually working on our skill sets. We do so on our travels around the world, or being in tune to upcoming trends. We’re dedicated to growing and refining so we can be the most outstanding waxing boutique for you and the leaders in our field.


This niche is for the boys only. Extra special care is taken for waxing you as you have larger roots attached to your hair stem. This means when waxing, there can be increased redness, circulation, and tenderness. We take our time if you need a break and so the wax strips remain small to cause less discomfort.

We prepare the skin so the surface is free and clear of unbalanced pH or unnecessary oils and perspiration, and finish waxing with a more cautious approach. Because men have greater Testosterone, you have a higher pH and courser hair which makes you more prone to ingrown hairs or breakout. Witch hazel or Rubbing Alcohol is applied immediately after waxing to prevent small whiteheads from appearing the next day. If you happen to break out like this, we offer salicylic acid peels which can be done 24 hours after your waxing to dissolve them away (avoid picking or squeezing please). We also recommend working out prior to visiting us instead of after to prevent excess sweating after your treatment.

Home care is essential after Body Waxing. Exfoliating is a MUST and will be a new step in your daily routine. We have different tools and products to customize to your body or concerns. Any build up of dead skin or oils will block the follicle and prevent the hair from growing out easily, resulting in red spots, rough skin, or tender bumps.

Our girls have years of experience waxing men, so take comfort in knowing we are the most experienced and gentle.

We’d like to invite you to the Sugarbox family, because men need trusted Aestheticians too!