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About Us

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Our Story


Sugarbox was created in 2006 to fill a niche in the aesthetics industry by combining a personal responsibility and adoration for excellent waxing and sugaring to design the perfect space for our clients. Sugarbox has grown into a chic, girlie boutique featuring four treatment rooms, two waiting areas, and a variety of little treats and amenities for our clients. Our staff offers a wide range of waxing and sugaring services and do so with conviction and unrivaled experience. Hair removal is not just anything anyone can do (well). Sugarbox believes in modesty, comfort and hygiene when it comes to Brazilian waxing or sugaring. That means proper draping, comfortable temperatures, customizing final details and no double-dipping! We use a high quality, Canadian made zinc-oxide wax that’s excellent even for the most sensitive skin types! We have also partnered with Sugar’d Canada and proudly use their sugaring products that are locally made right here in BC!


We believe that the art of brow shaping should be left to the professionals. No face is symmetrical which causes difficulty in choosing which hairs are the right ones to go and stay. We measure facial features versus brow width, proper angles from nose and eyes, and consider hair length and colour to create the perfect balance.


At Sugarbox we feel a strong responsibility to womankind to capture the essence of femininity visually. Our main purpose is to share our love for aesthetics to empower women to embrace their beauty and face life with all the confidence in the world.